New and Refreshed Endeavors

Embrace the new in 2022.

Let’s review a little bit. We’re all in for seeking discomfort of some sort. We feel it for that 30 minute blast of XT on a regular basis (part 1). We feel it for that hour long adventure race we signed up for with our friends (part 2). And we even do it to ourselves occasionally with an epic walk, hike, run, ride, or skate that could take the whole morning or most of the day (part 3).

That’s enough discomfort for one year huh?

Not so fast my friend. All of these discomforting things pale in comparison to the mental and emotional pain of embarking on something new. 

Let’s get real for a minute (ominous music tone). 

I want to play Pickleball. I really do. I’ve probably had about 10 Pickleball sessions in my life, just recreationally, with friends and family, mostly trying to figure out the scoring and rules. It’s great fun. I’m talking really great fun.

Every damn day during the summer I drive past some Pickleball courts at a local park (Riverside Park, Findlay, OH) and see a whole pack of people playing. They start most days at like 9am and seem to go all morning. In the evening I’ll see groups gathering on certain nights. Seems to be a thriving community of sporting folks. Looks damn fun!

I could join them, right? There are usually some empty courts and some people standing and watching, they’d probably want to get into a game.

But do I join in? No. Because of fear.

The kind of fear you feel walking into a party where you don’t know anyone. The kind of fear you feel when you’re asked to perform a complex physical movement for the first time while others watch. The kind of fear that makes you work out at home before you go to the gym so you don’t feel like an idiot when you get to the gym full of humans. 

It’s fear of the unknown. Fear of new stuff. All sorts of fear.

All sorts of fear out there, waiting to be conquered!

Let’s get something new on our radar next year. Let’s commit to stepping over that threshold into the abyss gaining a victory over our fear of the unknown. Let’s make a damn effort!

We at XT can help. That’s a theme, we’re here for you.

Want to try Pickleball? We’re going to organize some Pickleball sessions in the parking lot next year to introduce you to the game and get you comfortable enough to buy a racquet and jump in. We’ll recruit some current members who are Pickleball experts to help us out (I’m looking for volunteers).

Want to try skateboarding? Jim will organize multiple skateboard clinics next year in the parking lot, you should blow your lunch period on one.

Want to try mountain biking? Trainer Greg and I will be organizing a few trips up to Oak Openings next May/June. We have plenty of extra bikes that you can borrow for the day to see if you like it. Plus, Oak Openings (50 minutes away) has a new brew pub and coffee shop that opens this year, so if you hate mountain biking you can sit on the patio and enjoy your drink of choice.

Want to try an adventure race? You already know we got you covered on that. Check out the previous post on that for all the deets!

So we have options. You have options. I have options. 

We’ll make sure you can try something new in 2022, if you want to. Oh…that rhymes. New in twenty two! Cool.

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