A Consistent Workout Framework

Let’s discuss the first and most important part of your 2022 fitness goals.

Let’s kick off this discussion about goals by talking about a consistent workout framework. For me, it’s XT, as you’d expect.

XT is the most important part of staying fit for me. Period. So I’m going to treat it like it’s the most important. It’s a consistent workout framework that grows and maintains my base fitness level. XT supports the rest of my life.

I’m planning to do 150+ XT workouts in 2022. That’s a big increase for me because I may not crack 100 workouts this year. But like I said, I’m not repeating the 2021 debacle.

Running, biking, and playing tennis are good for improving running, biking, and playing tennis. That’s great, but they don’t prioritize the base. These sports are one dimensional and won’t build any strength or endurance that crosses over to other sports. They don’t prevent injuries (in fact, for me, they cause injuries). They actually decrease mobility and range of movement.

They’re a ton of fun. I’ll still play tennis and ride my mountain bike and maybe even try and do a half marathon, but not at the expense of getting my 150 XT workouts in.

That’s my number. 150! 

That means I’ll have to hit it hard over the winter and get 3-4 workouts per week to build a buffer for injuries that seem to happen around May when I start doing more mountain biking and playing tennis. That means I’ll have to skip a run or skip a bike ride instead of skipping XT if my legs feel like crap. That means I’ll have to do XT when I’m on vacation or on the road.

I’m in. What’s your number? 

Here’s my rough, unscientific guide for how many workouts you may want to experiment with depending on your fitness profile. These are just examples. Please talk to your doctor first.

100 (2/week)

If you’re a runner, biker, or triathlete and you’re logging miles five+ times per week, try XT twice per week. XT fills the bill for your strength workouts with an additional shot of endurance. You’ll have to double up a day to get all your workouts in if you still want an off day, but the injury prevention and core stability will pay huge dividends come race time.

150 (3/week)

If you’re a weekend warrior and avid sporting enthusiast, this is your sweet spot. Try Monday – Wednesday – Friday; this leaves time on weekdays and the whole weekend for whatever punishing, exhausting endeavors you choose. XT will enhance every aspect of your sporting life. It’s also the bare minimum to allow you to benefit from the “3+ 72” rule (more on that later).

200 (4/week)

Doing XT four times per week will require you to do it two days in a row at least once per week. You’re a heavy user! That’s dedication and will bring awesome fitness gains your way. Go ahead, push it, and see how it makes every physical thing in your life easier and more fun.

250 – 300 (5-6/week)

You’re nuts, but you’re also awesome. Jim does the XT workout six times per week and stays injury free while doing plenty of long skates and Spikeball marathons. Many members do it almost daily because XT is designed to be done this often. The variety of movements and the leeway you have for modification mean that you can dial it up or dial it down depending on how you feel. Keep rocking it out folks.

So here we are, do you have your number yet?

Good. Now the question is: How do you stay motivated? Well, that’s easy. Stickers! I’ve prototyped a two inch square sticker and I’m testing it to see how much it motivates me.

Use case for XTCommit sticker
My morning jolt of inspiration

For the next few months I’ve affixed it to my favorite coffee mug and I can already tell it provides awesome inspiration. I mean, just the other day I got up and said, “Whoa, I’m not working out today, too busy.” Then I sat down with my cup of java and saw that damn sticker and the next thing you know I’m doing XT.

It works!

So what do you think? Are you ready to commit to a number for 2022? Let me know what kind of numbers you’re thinking and I’ll order you some stickers. 

Think about it, but don’t spend too much energy on it, because we have more goal setting aspects to discuss.

More next week.

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