Generic Tracking Sheets for 2021

Samples of a generic XT tracker and downloadable PDF documents.

Do you like the whole box checking thing? Do you think that funky monthly graphic Gail posted on Facebook the other day was cool? We may have you covered.

We’ve got a downloadable link below to what I’m calling the funky monthly tracker and we’ve included a few other XT trackers. They’re generic so you can write in dates and days and goals…whatever you want.

For instance, say your goal is “16 XT workouts in January.” You have a bunch of options.

Option 1 is to put the days across the top and weeks down the side and “mark the box” on the day you worked out. Easy, count up the Xs and when you get to 16 pat yourself on the back.

Option 2 is to forget about days and weeks and dark green row and column headers. Just check a box after every XT workout you do and when you mark the 16th box you’ve hit your goal! Heck, if you hit it on Jan 25 or something you can keep checking and exceed your goals!

Sample use of XT tracker
Here are a couple of options for tracking a simple goal like “16 XT workouts”!

Option 3 is to darken the date on the “funky full year tracker” thing and color code it based on how great the monologue was. Get creative!

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