XTbell Quality Process

The life of the XTbell – tough but rewarding.

Every time Jim finishes an XTbell he puts it through a rigorous quality process. This video shows just a tiny portion of the physical testing each bell goes through.

In addition, every bell is passes the written test administered by the ACONSB (American College of Non-Steel Bells, pronounced aconsbee).

Each XTbell also gets 8 hours of XT specific technical training. This training happens in the classroom with Jim and outside specialists in kinesiology, biology, and astronomy. There’s also an annual continuing education (CE) requirement to keep the bells up to date on new movements and industry trends.

If that’s not enough, they also receive 4 hours of training addressing workplace stress. It’s hard being an XTbell and living up to the expectations of Jim, the trainers, and members can be daunting. This portion of the training consists mostly of Jim reading inspirational quotes to them that he found on the web.

The bells build a strong bond during this training, but only a few get to stay at XT. Most are sent out to home gyms, potentially forever. It’s a tough, lonely existence, so be nice to your bell. Talk to it daily, keep it out of damp spaces, and always set it down gently.

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