Hell Week November 2020

Welcome to the first XT Hell Week

Starting with the 5:15am class on Friday, November 20th, 2020, we’re in XT Hell Week. Feel me? You’ll probably hate it, in a very satisfying way.

The workouts will be longer. The workouts will be harder. The workouts will be more fun than one person deserves to have.

It will end, so don’t worry. The last day will be Thanksgiving Day. So even though the last Hell Week class will be Wednesday night the 25th at 5pm, the last Hell Week experience will be of your own making sometime before you stuff that first hunk of turkey into your face.

So yeah, you gotta wake up on Thanksgiving morning and run that virtual Turkey Trot harder than you’ve ever ran in your life. Not running? How about doing two XT workouts from the Archives page. Or maybe you just do 200 burpees and call it a day. Whatever it is, it’s your call, and the only rule is that when you’re sitting around that Thanksgiving table with those loved ones in your bubble, you can say to them with confidence that, “I survived XT Hell Week, and it felt awesome.”

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