Status Update Early Fall 2020

New stuff and updates on what’s happening at XT Fitness in early Fall of 2020

We have a lot of stuff going on at XT Fitness as Fall of 2020 begins to round into form.

Thanksgiving Prep Challenge

Many of you are trucking along with the 80 Day Fall Member Challenge and getting in the best shape of your life so you can dominate Thanksgiving Day! We did this challenge to keep you on track with your fitness goals but also to add to your arsenal of fitness tools. Here’s a review of the concepts we’ve covered so far:

  • Week 1 – Active Recovery
  • Week 2 – Plant-based Whole Foods
  • Week 3 – Nasal Breathing
  • Week 4 – 30 Minutes of Extra Sleep

Keep checking the boxes and stay tuned for more stuff to fill up your fitness tool kit so you’re ready for whatever the holidays and the winter throws at you. Please get in touch if you would like a Challenge sheet in PDF form. It’s never too late to start, there are still eight weeks left.

Home Gym Setups

Jim and Brandon have been cranking full blast this summer to get every member set up with a home gym. We have more tires on the way (thanks Erik Stearns) and Jim is toiling away in the hotbox forging kettlebells from sand, rubber, and PVC. Let us know when we can come and get you set up.

I’m loving my tires and rings so much that now I mostly workout from home. Sure, I come to the gym occasionally and I love the community, but I’m drinking the home gym Kool-Aid so I can get the in-home experience dialed-in for you. I’ll be bringing you tips, hacks, and best practices over the next few months.

New Website

Oh yeah, did I mention we have a new website? Thanks for stopping by.

It’s pretty minimalist right now but we’re working on it daily. Current XT members will all get access to the site as part of your membership. You’ll be getting an email with login info some time over the next few weeks. Sit tight and we’ll get to you. If it’s urgent and you’re a home user, hit me up on the Facebook group.

Right now, the main feature of the new site is that we have a functioning Daily broadcast every Monday through Saturday for members only. You’ve been watching the workouts on the private Facebook group for the last few months but once you get your login you’ll be able to quickly find the Daily workouts here:

I’ve been using it for my home workouts on my phone and I love it. There is no Facebook clutter and it’s super easy to find. Go to the Schedule page to see when we go live on a daily basis. If you miss the live workout, no worries, you can still watch it on the Daily page all day long until the next morning when the new one starts.

We’ll archive the workouts also so you can go back to them whenever you want. Right now the archives are a little sporadic, but we’re getting more consistent. The archives include a listing of all stations and exercises and we’re creating a tagging system so you can quickly go to 700 clubs or bodyweight only workouts (among others).

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